Existing Enterprise solutions

Low cost multi-channel telephone line up to 100 simultaneous inbound calls
The simultaneous ring allows incoming calls up to five different numbers at the same time. Don't miss leads - unanswered calls are registering.
Voice navigation
Support multi-level IVR, time-phased IVR (working days, holidays, off-hours can set different IVR or transfer phone). Both the IP phone and the mobile APP ring at the same time, and can choose any mode to answer the call first.
Smart call transfer
Supports multiple routes to call to the sub-unit, including average distribution, sequential transfer and extension response
Low cost cloud PBX service
There is greater mobility and autonomy when using your office phone and cloud PBX. If you regularly need to be out of the office, but you don't want to miss your important calls, you can stay connected through your cloud PBX. If a enterprise needed to move to a new location, or add or remove a phone line, the process could be cheaper and time consuming less than traditional methods PBX.
Toll Free Numbers for Your Business
A toll free number allows your customers anywhere in the world to call you at no cost to them. It gives you a presence in any city or country you're trying to win business in, without the cost and headaches of setting up an office and hiring new staff.
Site Callback service
Let you Increase your sales with web callback button. By using a Web Callback Button will magnify sales acquisitions from your website with easy call tracking and analysis. It can help you to turn your web visitors into actual customers. It helps to separate you from the competition when you call them back immediately. Helps to drive sales traffic from your website to your phone lines. And it enhances all of the following features and benefits listed further below.
Why do companies choose our cloud Phone System (PBX)?
Multi-channel number
You will serve more customers in combination with a multi-channel number that you will get for free!
Analyze your calls
Analyze your calls! You will get access to statistics. The presence of call recording service will give you the opportunity to control the staff.
Save up to 80%
Save up to 80% on calls worldwide with the best IP telephony rates.
Intelligent call forwarding
Advantages of intelligent call forwarding. Enterprise units that have one simultaneous incoming number set up automatic forwarding depending on the region, branch mode, or day of the week.
Increase customer loyalty with voice greeting in IVR. If the customer is on the line, play the audio clip with information about the shares or introduce them to your company.
Integrating with CRM
It is useful for your business to create a customer database and take calls from regular customers by integrating with CRM.
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