The phone number validation service based on HLR

HLR Lookup is a completely anonymous process that customers will not know about

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The phone number validation service based on HLR (Home Location Register) is aimed to update information about the availability of numbers. The diagnostic accuracy is over 95%. The telephony company provides the service officially

HLR Lookup features
You can perform tasks that are important for customer service using HLR. Such as:
Customer base verification and updating
Statistics say that about 2/3 of all SIM cards in the world are inactive. SIM cards can be lost, closed, blocked or simply not used.
Getting detailed information about each number (telecom operator, activity, roaming)
You can segment the customer base by telecom operators and calculate expenses for SMS Marketing and Bulk Voice Calls more accurately.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing

The range of benefits is wide enough:

Cost savings and sending messages only to active customers according to the current database
Mobile operators charge for sent rather than delivered SMS. Messages to deactivated numbers are the loss of money. SMS Marketing to an outdated database increases costs by an average of 10%.
Saving time for managers to call deactivated numbers
Marketing with an irrelevant database is a waste of time. HLR Lookup will make the work of employees faster and more productive, which affects the overall productivity of the company.
Privacy Checkup for customers
Maintaining privacy allows you not to disturb customers and carry out an HLR Lookup without their participation.
An example of calculating the cost for SMS Marketing without Ping SMS and using Ping SMS
The cost of SMS Marketing without using the service
Database size:
30 000 customers.
SMS price:
0,10 USD
Total expenses:
3,000 USD
The cost of SMS Marketing using the service
Database size:
25 000 customers.
SMS price:
0,10 USD
Total expenses:
2,500 USD
HLR Lookup cost
30 000 customers * 0,0015 USD = 45 USD. The service removed 5 000 inactive numbers - about 17%.
Therefore, the benefit is
3,000 USD - 2,500 USD - 45 USD = 455 USD.
Our Advantages
MIATEL customers choose us for the quality and convenience of the services provided. Our main advantages are:
API Automation
API Automation is a user-friendly system available to everyone.
Easy-to-Use Personal Account
An intuitive interface makes it possible to understand the system and to get started quickly.
High-throughput of the service
Affordable plans
How to activate the service?
Choose the lookup’s name and select the customers in the required columns. Then enter phone numbers in an international format without additional any characters;
Select the additional sending options you need: send SMS immediately or schedule it (choose date and time);
Perform a lookup;
Get the results.

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