SMS Forwarding

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Stay up to date with important notifications even without direct access to the number
SMS Forwarding is the opportunity to redirect all messages from one number to another. SIM cards are often installed in specialised devices: smart gadgets, access control systems, online cash registers, etc. With the SMS Forwarding service you won’t lose any important notifications that come to your SIM cards.

Your channel of communication with your customers

SMS Forwarding Advantages

Receive important reminders about subscription fees, changes in tariffs and other information promptly;
Always in touch
You are always in touch, even if the device with the SIM card is turned off;
Low cost
For any operator
Affordable for customers of any mobile operator.

How to activate SMS Forwarding?

You can turn on SMS Forwarding to the main phone number through your personal account. You will need to add a phone number you want to connect to SMS Forwarding and enter the verification code.
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