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Communication via mail
A service for those who emails a lot and always wants to be in touch. You can receive and send emails in SMS messages, which simplifies and speeds up the communication process. When you activate the service, you’ll automatically receive a personal email account ready to use.

Advantages of SMS to Email Service

You can send copies of emails.
You can send copies of emails
Functional API
You can add a personal signature to the letter. Thus, the recipient of the letter will see not only the email, but also your name or the name of the organisation. You can add personal signature to your emails .
Affordable rates
You can change your email address from a mobile number to any random text in Latin characters.

How to Activate the Service

To connect the SMS to Email, Email to SMS service, you will need to log in to your account and select the service. The cost of sending an SMS depends on the pricing plans. All incoming emails are free.

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